I grew up in an interesting religious and cultural environment. My mother is of Sri Lankan-Indian ethnicity, while my dad is Chinese. Despite my parents converting to Christianity, raising my brother and I as such, my grandparents on both sides retained their original religious beliefs – Hinduism and Buddhism. And to add to this fairytale, I spent the first 17 years of my life in Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country. I was heavily exposed to all these wonderfully corrupt belief systems, more so with Christianity as my parents were pastors. I went to church every week and was forced to attend Sunday school, or as I remembered Christian communist-hypocrite camp; I observed my Indian grandmother pray to the various colourful statues, and sometimes I participated with chants because I was a curious little rascal; my Buddhist aunt took me to the temple whenever I stayed with her over the holidays; and as for the Islamic viewpoint, my government isn’t shy about shoving Allah and his hallucinating prophet down my throat.

Hello, my name is Chris and if you haven’t already figured it out, I am an Atheist.

Goodness me, that was long and arduous – so many religions, so much bullshit. However, all the different religious experiences were important, as it got me here. Today, I stand an Atheist and an Anti-Theist, refusing to believe in myths and fairytales, convinced that god is as much as a hoax as Santa Claus. It doesn’t even deserve an upper-case! I witnessed how every religion ridiculed one another – one had too many gods, while the other didn’t have enough.

We live in a society where the religious bigots are content with utilizing the inventions and innovations of Science as long as it’s convenient, but when it comes to rationalizing our existence, they reject Science like a dirty, lying homeless man. This website simply is a platform to restore rationality and logic into this tainted society, usually through my personal experiences, while attempting to debunk myths and tall-tales that have mutated into social norms and cultural traditions.

That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” – Christopher Hitchens

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