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  1. RJMF says:

    I agree with KuroNekochan. I was thinking, Don’t like guns? Don’t buy one but then Don’t like getting shot/killed/injured by guns? That’s not your decision.

  2. KuroNekochan says:

    I agree with this except for one thing: Guns. Guns as a right is absurd. And I’ll tell you why: out of all those things guns are the only thing that you do not possibly damage yourself with but someone else. Guns are MADE to injure. And if you’re going to tell me you don’t plan to injure someone with it, you don’t need one. If you want it because it looks cool, get a soft air. If you are going to tell me you need it to protect yourself, then I can only report that in a country were nobody is allowed to have guns people don’t get shot (oh surprise) so they live much safer. And if you want to shoot for sports, go to a sport club where those things are locked away the moment you are done with your session. Having a gun should definitely NOT be a right!

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